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Tech Talk: Zero Latency - Is it possible?
Streaming Media Webinar

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Tech Talk: Zero Latency - Is it possible?

Streaming Media Webinar


What's new?

AI-Powered Live Captioning for Enhanced Accessibility

Our kick off on the AI world employs automatic speech recognition, providing real-time captions for your live  streams, such as webcasts and townhall meetings.
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Global CDN Enhancements for Uninterrupted Connectivity

We’ve taken your feedback to heart and expanded our CDN infrastructure to reach even the most remote corners of the globe, targeting also areas that are increasingly important with even more regions in Asia, Africa and South America. 
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New Generation Protocols for Unparalleled Performance

We’re ushering in a new era of video delivery with next-generation protocols like QUIC, HTTP/3, and WebTransport. These protocols provide unparalleled benefits, including lower latency, adaptive bitrate streaming, and improved network statistics. Continue reading.

Improved Start-up Time for Instant Game Access

We've enhanced startup times to ensure that your players can seamlessly transition between games and start betting instantly, thereby maintaining a high level of engagement.
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Active Protection Against Content Misuse

Gain valuable insights into IP addresses and referrals, allowing you to take immediate action against unauthorized access, bolstering content security. Continue reading.

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